About Brass Pole Dancing

Premiere Austin pole dancer Miss Natasha twists and turns through complicated feats taking her upright, horizontal and inverted up and down her brass pole. Unbound by gravity, Miss Natasha incorporates gymnastics, ballet with freestyle and modern dance to her pole dance.


Pole dancing came to modern fame through 1950s burlesque clubs and today in gentlemen’s clubs but the dance evolved from yoga performed on a wooden pole and on rope. Known as Mallakhamb, it is a competitive sport in India where gymnasts perform feats and poses while hanging from a pole or rope.

As head instructor and owner of Brass Ovaries, a pole fitness and instruction center, Miss Natasha has studied pole fitness and dancing extensively through private classes and under the tutelage of Pole Dance hall of famer, Kim Shafer. She has also trained with accomplished pole mistress, Rain, Miss Nude Exotic 2008, Best Pole Dancer and Pole Kat 2005. Drawing on a variety of traditions – pagan fertility dances, yoga, Depression-era traveling fairs and, of course, burlesque – Miss Natasha has honed her pole dancing skills in the gentlemen’s clubs of Austin, Texas.

Miss Natasha also draws on a diversity of training to round out her pole fitness repertoire. After becoming the first women to complete special operations training in the US Army. Miss Natasha went on to become an Instructor at the 49th Armored Division Headquarters Company. Training troops for deployment honed the leadership skills and toughness Miss Natasha brings to each of her classes.

Pole fitness attracts many all kinds of folks at all levels of fitness, including an Olympic gold medalist and a sixty year old man. Starting with beginner classes and workshops, Miss Natasha introduces students to the rigors of basic pole tricks, which include backbends and basic spins. If they make past those tricks they get to learn climbing and inverted holds. After these basic steps it really becomes challenging. Pole dancing a la Miss Natasha is an arduous undertaking, providing an overall workout which leaves students with a newfound respect for pole dancers.

Miss Natasha performs her gravity defying pole gyrations at festivals, fairs and concerts. She has performed with Kool & the Gang at the Austin Music Hall, KLBJ’s Pleasure Fest in Austin, TX, at the University of Texas Annual Texas and Voodoo Fest 2007. Most recently she traveled again to Voodoo Fest 2008 with Pain Tribe, an agglomeration of ritual suspension, sideshow, fire work and general mayhem performers. For the first time she will used a spinning pole and featured new pole tricks. From her extensive catalogue of sinuous maneuvers Miss Natasha featured extreme pole maneuvers such as the dislocater, the fallen angel, the matrix, the blade and the extreme.

Performance List

2007                  North Loop Block Party 07 (performer)
2007                  Pride Fest 07 (performer)
2007/08            Voodoo Fest with Pain Tribe
2008                  Kool and the Gang at Austin City Music Hall (performer)
2008                  KLBJ Pleasure Fest 08 (performer)
2008                  Baby Got Bacteria with Miss Natasha and the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancers

Interviews and Presentations

2007                  Goodlife Magazine
2007/08           Queer Texas Conference (guest presenter)
2007/08           People United radio show KOOP (guest speaker)
2008                  The Daily Texan
2008                  Lip Service radio show KVRX  (guest speaker)
2008                  Amarah Ulghani’s radio show KVRX (guest speaker)
2008                  St. Edwards University (guest presenter)
2009                  National Geographic

Features and Film

2007                  Going Above and Beyond  by Ranjana Thomas
2007                  Lusty Limbless Lesbos 
2008                 PBS series Downtown: As Austin As It Gets featured performer